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 Post subject: Interview with Brett Climo in 1994 by Wilma
PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:36 am 
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Interview with Brett Climo Melbourne 13-10-1994 by Wilma

1) What are you doing at the moment?
Brett: "I am in Melbourne at the moment. I have a few days off, and just finished the second season of "Snowy River - The McGregor Saga". This second season has 19 episodes and personally I think the second season is better then the first one. In episodes of the second season, the characters are more central to the stories. Even my role as Colin McGregor has more depth. Colin at first, is a very serious young man, but becomes more softened up by his relationship with Emily. I liked to develop a relationship like that in a series. After this week, I'm going to promote the series in Australia."

2) Why did you become an actor?
Brett: "I didn't know what I wanted to become, I couldn't choose a direction. My mom came up with the idea to get involved with the "Kids Drama Workshop" in Sydney. I liked this idea, and got an agent. I was 15 when I got my first guest appearance in "A Country Practice", later on I got the on-going role of Michael Langley in this show. It didn't feel like working on a soap, what it was. That period really gave me much appreciation for television work. The show gave me a lot of self-confidence and I liked to work like that."

3) If you weren't an actor what profession would you like to practice?
Brett (without hesitation): "Architect … I like designing and making things. I draw and write a lot."

4) Was it difficult to leave "The Flying Doctors" after 18 months?

Brett: "It was, really, but I liked the way David left the series. He was a closed character, I wanted the public to see him like that. There is more to life, David said in his last episode, and I was feeling the same way myself. I wanted to do something else. End the tv-scene for a while. I'm like David!"

5) What episodes of the "The Flying Doctors" did you like best and why?
Brett: "My final episode "Deceptions". I was allowed to write the last scenes myself, like the scene at Geoff and Kate's house. I put a lot of myself into this scene… just like Brett felt. I wanted to show the audience all of it, even in the last scene. I also liked the episode "The Gift". I wanted Dr. David to be arrogant at first. And I also liked the episode "Valentine's Day". These are all episodes with character changes. You will get to know a person better when something happens to him… joy, sorrow, fear, etc. I don't want to play a hero, I don't find that interesting. In Australia it's usual for
a man to keep his feelings inside, but I don't agree with that at all."

6) Did a scene ever go wrong?
Brett (thinks about it): "Yes… I stung myself with injection needles all the time. In one scene I stung myself in my hand, hard… Blood poured out, and I quickly held my other hand on it and away from my white doctors coat. Nobody noticed anything except Lenore I think. When the scene was over I showed the crew what had happened."

7) What did you think of your role in "GP"?
Brett: "Brilliant to do. I got the part from someone who also had given me the part in "A Country Practice". He's sort of my mentor. The cast of the series is very good, nice to work with. They did a lot of research for my role as Danny Tanner. It was a honor for me to play the brother of Nicola Tanner (Judy McIntosh). I'm proud of "GP". (*GP is shot in Sydney)

8) Is there something you've played that you didn't like?
Brett: "It's about choices. When I play something, I said 'Yes' to it because I wanted the part at the time. Now looking back, I think I'm awful in "Sons and Daughters". At that time I didn't think so. (He thinks it over…) A small problem is that the evidence of your work is all out there."

9) Do you watch the series you are in?
Brett: "Yes… I don't mind watching myself. Please don't think that's arrogant but I want to improve myself. I can't imagine that some actors say they never watch themselves."

10) What do you like to do in your free time?
Brett: "I like to go to the cinema, I love movies. I'm a fan of Hollywood acting. These people really shine on the big screen. Actors I really appreciate are: William Hurt, Robert Redford. Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Sam Neill and Jeremy Irons.
Furthermore I spend free time working out in the gym, just to keep in shape , but I don't like sports. I also love walking and driving. I love the city and I live in the city, but I like driving to the countryside and see the wineries for example. At the moment I enjoy doing things for myself. Michelle and I have broken up after 9 years, and now I want to have some time for myself." (* they are still good friends)

11) What do you dislike?
Brett: "People who are rude, and give you a big mouth with the slightest thing. I'm not like that. I also get upset sometimes, but some people can be so rude. In general I don't dislike things, I don't get in a situation that surprises me, I always consider everything. At the moment I'm happy and live my life the way I want to live it."

12) Did you ever been to the Netherlands?
Brett: "No, but I would love to come one day."
(* I tell him he's invited to come)

13) Give your first reaction to the following words: RFDS, Australia, David Ratcliffe, Snowy River - The McGregor Saga, fans.
Brett: RFDS -> Responsible
Australia -> Home
David Ratcliffe -> sincere
Snowy River -> warm
Fans -> supportive

14) What would you like to say to your fans?
Brett: "I'm very impressed by all the reactions of the fans from the Netherlands and England. I feel honored, and because of that I get more joy to do my work. Everybody, thank you so much for the support."

Hereby I would like to thank Brett Climo for making the time for me… He really took the time for this interview and he's very friendly. We all wish him good luck with new projects, and again I want to thank Robyn Gardiner Management and Brett.

October 1994

The whole story of Wilma can be read on the website at the Fancorner

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